Transition is the succession of one thing to another, whether it be in a short amount of time or drawn out in long change. We all experience transition throughout our every day lives. With every lesson we learn, we transition from one stage of our life to another. As a mid-twenties young male, I experience it every year. I make a mistake or have a success and when I notice it, I do what I can to change it or continue it and that affects where I’m going. Sometimes the difference is hardly noticeable, and sometimes it’s glaringly obvious. Transition can be progressive and it can be recessive.

For example, you cut a section down from a forest to build a home. The home transitions through work and labor in stages from plan to product. The forest section you cut down transitions from a segment of the forest to a clearing with every downed tree and stump cleared or left behind. Given enough time that clearing will repopulate with thicker, taller vegetation, and could easily transition back into a part of the forest as it was. The fact is, that it changes.

Another excellent example is classic conditioning in psychology. You introduce a neutral stimulus to a subject and through repeated exposure in similar situations, that formerly neutral stimulus will become associated with something entirely unconnected. Ain’t that something?

To summarize it in text, I plan to show the transition in one’s mood can be made by taking a different outlook. In this instance, starting with a somber and sad outlook and changing it into one of contentment and happiness. The plan is to shoot it all from my first-person perspective. I hope you all will come to enjoy my attempt at doing this idea justice.

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