MEDIA111 – Branding

My brand will be an extension of my already established business name “Subsonic Photography.” I have planned to expand my branding to be exclusive to photography and evolve to encompass video, graphic, and web design. Therefore, while in this class, I will operate under the branding of “Subsonic Multimedia” focusing on photography and graphic design as my key strengths and dabbling in the other medias as I grow my talents and knowledge of them.

The word “subsonic” is a key part to my identity because it is related to aviation, which is a central part of my work and my greatest passion. It also hints at my years of covering national and international air shows for AirshowStuff online due to the jet aircraft demonstrations being required to fly no faster than just below the speed of sound during a demonstration. Admittedly, I considered “supersonic” and just plain “sonic,” but “subsonic” had a better ring to it in my opinion.

cropped-logo-1024x353.png   ASLargeFavicon_Blue

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