MEDIA111 – Watermarks

As a photographer, I need stay connected to my audience and clients online. I am active on a number of social media sites as well as photo sharing groups which gives my images plenty of exposure. However, with that comes the invite of trouble with the chance of people stealing my images and proclaiming them as theirs. So with that uncertainty, how do I make sure my images won’t be stolen?

F/A-18F Super Hornets departing NAS Oceana during their 2014 air show.

My AirshowStuff watermark.

The answer is to use a watermark. A watermark is a block of text, graphic, or some other overlaid mark that identifies the photo as mine. This can be as simple as text in the corner with my name and brand or my photography logo. There are many ways to deploy a watermark successfully, but there are also some unsuccessful ways to use them as well.

Having a watermark on an image means adding in another element to an image. Sometimes, this means placement is key to not cover up any of the content yet remain visible enough to see and not overwrite. The balance is often difficult to achieve, but with enough tinkering, a watermark can be fit into any image maximizing content exposure and clarity.

A PT-17 Stearman at sunset during the 2013 Arlington Fly-In.

My Subsonic Photography watermark.

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