My Ingredient For A Catalyst: Incentive

It’s been hell trying to figure out what I wanted to do for this project about incentive, but I finally came up with something at the last minute (as always) that I feel pretty good about. Shame I couldn’t motivate myself to decide on a direction! One of the most critical aspects of creating a connection with someone is respect. The strength of their character and our judgments of it create a level of respect for them, such as personal responsibility. The will and stoicism to accept responsibility for one’s actions speaks volumes, and personally, is a true value worthy of respect. With that in mind, it is imperative that we be held accountable for what we produce, such as documentaries or motivational pieces. When there’s a meaning or a purpose driving your creation, there is a heavy importance put into innovation (do something new and fresh), facts (no deception, now!), and entertainment (you’re not going to keep someone’s attention by being bland).

While last minute, it did take some planning. Firstly, I needed a script: scriptThen I needed to plan it out with a storyboard (which was harder than I thought for such a simple project).storyboard1

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