Nonprofit Video: Friends Of The Library

The dynamic of a project can be drastically changed by the cohesion of a team, either for the better or for the worse. This has been my first time working with a team to produce a video, and I have to say that with the communication, hard and quality work that my teammates and I supported one another with was for the better. The near limitless creativity of a well-formed and eager team have been a real blessing for this project. With Abby’s connection to the library, Kayla’s videography, and Josh’s organization, even amid a cross-state move, and what I could contribute, we’ve produced an excellent v1.0 product.

To show just how well we’ve worked together and demonstrated our strengths to better the project as a team, let me give you some insight to how we went about producing it:



– 12 JAN – Makayla initiated the formation of the team

– 13-16 JAN – Abby coordinated setup with the Friends and the Library

– 28 JAN – First group meeting – formulated project concept,; brainstormed ideas of interviews, camera angles, etc.; toured library to acquaint ourselves with the filming location; and made notes for the proposal

– 29 JAN-06 FEB – Josh writes template of proposal based on notes from the concept meeting; consolidation and submission of group proposal

– 2 FEB – Josh writes script


– 9-12 FEB – Anthony, Makayla, and Abby conduct filming on site


– 13 FEB – Classroom meeting for postproduction: review of video footage and beginning of rough cuts

– 13-17 FEB – Makayla and Abby develop rough cuts and send to Anthony for concept review in final editing

– 17-20 FEB– Anthony develops final version of 1.0


Group Proposal

With these documents as our base, we went out and built this project from drawing board to first draft of a product:

Abby’s Edit

Kayla’s Edit

My edit: v1.0

And if our demonstrated teamwork wasn’t enough, here is our consolidated proposal:

Port Angeles Friends of the Library

A one minute public service announcement to highlight the community impact of a local nonprofit organization.





Film Statement

Port Angeles Friends of the Library communicates the importance of our local library and educates the public concerning the services provided to the community in the form of funding free quality educational programs and training, as well as preserving the integrity of quality resources.

Background and Need

In an age where information is readily available at our fingertips, what role does a library fulfill?  Port Angeles Friends of the Library (aka “Friends”) connects you with the value of face-to-face interaction, personal training, and enrichment opportunities made accessible to the community. There is power in partnership and there is a place for everyone. The Port Angeles branch of the North Olympic Library System is known for hosting events relating to art, music, writing, education, and history. It has a central roll in providing a tangible, community focused learning environment for our city. Few people are aware that funding for those events is provided solely through the hard working volunteers that are the Friends of the Library.

The institution of the library is one of the most fundamental organisms in the ecosystem of our society, yet it is becoming endangered due to the accelerating spread of virtual information. Without the Friends, the library could become extinct. The Port Angeles Friends of the Library demonstrates how crucial volunteers are in providing necessary funding, support, and success in offering relevant learning opportunities to a changing society.

Approach, Form, Style

The style of this film will be a combination of observational and participatory.  The audience will have opportunity to engage with interviewees as they share their personal story through direct dialogue on how their life has been impacted by the Friends through an environment of enrichment and support. We will also receive testimonial from a librarian who has had a grant proposal turned down due to a lack of funding, but was then awarded money through the Friends, which allowed her to continue working on the program. Surrounding this, we will be highlighting the work and hospitality of the volunteers and different library staff as they work to create an environment of education and enrichment regardless of age, class, or socioeconomic background. Artistic views of the library will be included to express a sense of environment and to engage the audience with new perspectives of their local library. Camera angles will be subject to the cameraperson’s discretion in the moment.

Shooting Schedule

Jan. 28- Feb. 4

Concept development

Feb. 5-10

Filming and exchange of materials.  Interview date/time depending on interviewee(s); setting shots can be taken before hours; on the spot filming can be done during regular library hours.


Editing and group review

Feb. 19

Nonprofit Video 1.0 submission

Audience, Marketing, Distribution

The intent of the video is a call to action in support of the library. Our main approach will be to engage with educational institutions and community organizations. We will provide public access to our video via YouTube and then directly contact institutions such as Peninsula College, the Port Angeles K-12 school system, the Genealogical Society, The Historical Society, The Lion’s Club, and the Rotary Club to ask for their support in the distribution of our work. Marketing to these organizations will take place through networking. Most importantly, the library and the Friends will have access to our video for their own marketing needs and the video(s) will be available for use in their online communications made readily available via YouTube in two versions: 3 minutes and 1 minute. Ideally, a private VIP screening event would take place at the library to create a sense of excitement surrounding this film.  Additionally, promotional items such as buttons could be made available to attendees.


Abigail Siefer is a Digitization Assistant for the North Olympic Library System in Port Angeles, WA. Her work in digitizing a collection of over 3,000 historic photographs is helping to preserve the history of her community, and is providing the public with digital access to historical information and invaluable genealogical resources. Her interest in history has developed into a passion for photography and filmmaking and she is currently pursuing a dual Associates in Applied Science Degree in Multimedia Communications and Graphic Design. To view a portfolio of work by Abigail, visit

Makayla DeScala is a full time student at Peninsula College pursuing a degree in Multimedia Communication and Design.  Her passions include photography, painting, and film-making.  She has covered community events as a photojournalist and many of her images have been published in the Buccaneer literary newspaper.  Her greatest desire is for her work to benefit and empower others. To view a portfolio of work by Makayla, visit .

Anthony Richards is an aviation photojournalist who edits and produces graphics for AirshowStuff, an online aviation news blog and photography service. He has been an active freelance photojournalist for 7 years contributing to the magazine RC Sport Flyer and the newspapers The Buccaneer and The Clipper. He operates Subsonic Photography/Multimedia as his personal graphic art and photo service to the Pacific Northwest region. He is currently pursuing an Associates of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Graphic Design and an AAS in Web Design degree at Peninsula College. To view a portfolio of work by Anthony, visit .

Joshua Beal is a graphic designer with six years of experience producing multimedia products for the US Army. Since completing his military contract he has continued in his field conducting freelance and pursuing a dual Associates in Applied Science with concentrations in graphic design and web development through Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA. Prior to his military service, Josh studied film at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.  To view a portfolio of work by Josh, visit


The library is a public facility with patrons visiting throughout the day. Waivers will be required for all individuals filmed. Some people may receive these waivers on the spot (i.e. a person reading a novel in a quiet corner may be asked in the moment to be included in the video). Other patrons may ask to maintain their privacy. In such a case, filming could be delayed until the setting is cleared.


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