Non-Profit Video: Friends of the Library v2.0

We have our final cut prepared for your viewing pleasure (NOW WITH SERFIS!) and will give you something to think about when considering what you can give back to your community.


  • 12JAN2015 – Makayla initiated the formation of the team
  • 13-16JAN2016 – Abby coordinated setup with the Friends and the Library
  • 28JAN2015 – First group meeting – formulated project concept,; brainstormed ideas of interviews, camera angles, etc.; toured library to acquaint ourselves with the filming location; and made notes for the proposal
  • 29JAN-06FEB2015 – Josh writes template of proposal based on notes from the concept meeting; consolidation and submission of group proposal
  • 2FEB2015 – Josh writes script


  • 9-12FEB2015 – Anthony, Makayla, and Abby conduct filming on site


  • 13FEB2015 – Classroom meeting for postproduction: review of video footage and beginning of rough cuts

  • 13-17FEB2015 – Makayla and Abby develop rough cuts and send to Anthony for concept review in final editing

  • 17-20FEB2015 – Anthony develops final version of 1.0

  • 24FEB2015 – 1.0 Submitted

  • 25FEB2015 – Group meeting to discuss 2.0; Anthony conducts revision

  • 26-27FEB2015 – Group review of 2.0 and submission

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