Marketing My Documentary

I’m not going to do much to market my documentary as it isn’t one that I’m particularly fond of. For the way I wanted the project to go, and what I had originally envisioned for Vox, this is far from what it should be.

However, if it were what I wanted it to be, and if it were something I backed as I would any other project I’ve done, I’d begin with a social media campaign. I’d have established a Facebook Page for the project during it’s pre-production stage and began networking through my friends firstly, then using some promotions money to buy additional exposure through Facebook. I’d be posting short clips and such throughout production with text encouraging follower participation.

But that’s just Facebook. I’d also have a YouTube account created and a blog to match where much of the larger production notes and reports can be kept. These would allow my project to reach a larger audience through the different online networks, and thus build the foundation of my marketing web.

Then of course there’s printed media like my local newspapers and their websites, flyers up and around town with
URLs pointing to the blog and YouTube channel. Additionally, if that print campaign were successful in my regional community, I would then expand to the larger cities and surrounding counties with advertising to grow my audience and following.

And lastly, as it would be a documentary film, I’d invest in short ad spots in statewide theaters to catch my target audience in their element and peak visual attention. Hopefully with all of that combined, I’d reach quite the healthy amount of people and generate a whirlwind interest in the project and the product. Vox would have it’s best chance at being successful with those marketing strategies in place.

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