Fooling Around – May 1

Firstly, as I’ve been working on shooting the different projects I’m faced with, I’ve been taking some time to review footage from last week’s trip to CFB Comox, BC. While I didn’t have enough to produce a good wrap-up video, I did have enough to toy with a theme I felt while flying on the CC-115 Buffalo photo ship:

On top of that, I’ve also been messing around with re-branding my Subsonic Multimedia logo and video intro. Below are my first prototypes of the video and the new logo designs I’ve been tinkering with. Feedback is absolutely welcome on any of these. The more you tell me what you like, the more successful the graphic will be!

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  1. Joshua Ray Beal · May 4, 2015


    Thank you for sharing your video and ideas on rebranding. All themes have a consistency in concept revealed in hue, font, and wavelength, and I found it difficult to determine an immediate winner of the bunch. When considering a logo, the first piece I consider is its portability. Which will work on a business card, letter head, chest pocket of a polo shirt, hat, or other placement? The portability exists mainly in the symbol without the text, so which one would make the best favicon? All logos can be independent of text except for prototype 4, in which the wavelength extends from the top left of the text.

    The second factor I consider is how the text agrees with the symbol. Although at times the logo should be able to stand without the text, it should also look like the text is a part of the logo’s shape when combined with the symbol. Prototypes 1, 3, and 5 are strong, but the text looks added to the logo rather than part of it inherently. That being said, prototype 1 has larger font which resembles a platform to the symbol.

    Currently I would say that prototype 2 is my top choice due to the portability of the symbol and the agreement of the text. If you continue with this one, I would suggest experimenting with larger font to see how it compares. Also, when considering the logos without thier text, I gravitate toward prototype 1. Keep printing in mind as you progress. Any logo will work in 4 color processing, but keep the limitations of spot colors in mind when working with gradients.

    Again, great concepts and a fantastic demonstration of a brand that is changing in style but remaining in character. Thank you for sharing and welcoming the feedback. Hope all is going well.



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