Hiking The Olympic Peninsula

There are a number of ways to enjoy the Olympic National Park, but what if you’re short on time? Millions of people visit the ONP every year, but not all are able to stay beyond a weekend. So how can you best see it all?

I took to the trails with a ContourHD camera strapped to my helmet and hiked a few top-notch trails and destinations that highlight the many beautiful sights of the park. I started with Storm King overlooking Lake Crescent, then the Sold Duc Falls loop, out into the ages-old Hoh Rainforest, and finally to Ruby Beach among the sea stacks and at the edge of the might Pacific Ocean.

You’ll notice the quality is rather off. While I was under the impression that I was recording at 1080p, I was only able to export the footage at standard def 480. The ranger who I spoke to over the phone didn’t want to be named (odd request, but one I can honor) so he is credited as best as I could.

So, quality aside, here is my tour of the best day hikes at ONP.

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