Prowler Sundown: Part I – Second To Last v1.0

The Navy is retiring the 44-year-old Prowler and replacing the long-range, all-weather electronic attack platform with the EA-18G Growler. The next-to-last step to retirement has been donating an EA-6B to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.

I’ve wanted to do a series on the Prowler for some time now to commemorate it’s service with the US Navy and the backbone of the military’s electronic warfare. Without much base or sea cruise access, and with very few free-to-use footage of the EA-6B in action, I haven’t been able to cover it’s story quite the way I envisioned. However, I can document it’s last remaining operations at home before the last is sent to the boneyard, and that’s where this new series is coming from.

This is a rough edit of the first part that details the delivery of the second-to-last Navy Prowler to the museum. It’s short, but a great plug for the upcoming ceremony at NAS Whidbey next month.

NAS Whidbey is the Navy’s home base for its electronic attack squadrons, including a forward deployed Growler squadron in Japan.

As with the Growler, all Prowler squadrons — with exception of four Marine Corps EA-6B squadrons — were based and trained at NAS Whidbey.

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