Experimenting W/Rockstar Editor

While I’ve finished up my photos for the season (gallery links coming soon), I have been relaxing as I normally do with some gaming. One I’ve played quite a bit of some time ago but picked up again recently is the massive fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto.

A feature Rockstar put into the game is a film producing utility called Rockstar Editor. It allows a player to record certain moments of gameplay on the go and have them saved as clips for later editing. When I first messed around with it, I wasn’t that impressed. However, this time around, I watched a very basic tutorial on how it’s operated and my interest has been peaked.

The editor itself allows for near total camera manipulation within a certain range of your character in the scene. There are camera presets and the option for a freecam as well with tracking features one can utilize. All together, it really is an open door waiting for someone to put together a web series together with, but that’s something to dwell on another day.

Today, however, I did finish up my first little video that I put together from messing around with the editor and the new toys just released in the Executives and Other Criminals expansion. For a first go of using the editor and creating content, I’m very pleased with the result and how relatively easy it was to produce. Perhaps I will be making a bit more content within GTAV as the off-season from air shows and the like continues.

As always, your critiques and input are welcome. If I don’t post anything before, I hope those of you celebrating have a very merry Christmas, and I look forward to seeing content from you all next year with some of my own in return!

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