In May of 2010, Subsonic Photography was established to commercialize and make public the work of Anthony Richards. Since then, Anthony has continued to support the popular aviaiton periodical AirshowStuff Magazine and the Everett Community College newspaper The Clipper while studying journalism there. He has since moved on to focusing on studies and expanding the coverage of AirshowStuff.

Alright, enough third-person bullshit, right? Hey there, Anthony here. I’m still practicing aviation photojournalism  (and you can see all of my latest work here) as well as freelance graphic design. This blog was setup as a way for me to catalog and share my adventures from behind-the-scenes so to speak. Mostly to publish my thoughts, adventures, and photos that don’t go into the articles and news. I’m always dicking around with some form of design be it photo, video, or graphic, so if that silly shit interests you, I welcome you to your vulgar eden.

And yes, that is Nic Cage’s face over mine, courtesy of Patrick Barron. I do say, the resemblance is sarcastically and seriously shocking.

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