Memorial Day


To those who paid the highest price, we remember.

I hope you all had a happy Memorial Day this year. I spent mine with my two favorite vets watching tanks run around at the Flying Heritage Collection and flying down to Tucson, AZ where I will be covering the 2016 Hawgsmoke Aerial Gunnery competition for all A-10 Thunderbolt II units! Stay tuned for more.

Birthday Atop Hurricane Ridge

It was my birthday a couple days ago, and to celebrate, I took my dearest friend Nicole up to recreate a photo we had taken around 5 years before. When we got there, the snow was dense and the ice on it the same. We struggled up the hill to take the photo and reached the top as the sun was setting behind the Olympic mountains.

It was a truly spectacular finish to the day with terrific company. So, naturally I have to share the beauty with you all. Here are a few pictures from my cell phone to give some justice to how amazingly serene it was up there that evening.