“I” – Self Introduction

So, I’ve had some time to think about how I wanted to go about this project. I started off thinking that I’d go for a more serious, open-myself-up sort of video, but I realized I didn’t have the time or the resources to make that happen. So, instead, you’re getting a more upbeat, sarcastic side of myself (which I personally like more). I’ve already shot the intro and uploaded it as a sneak peek, but the rest is still in final editing.

I didn’t really know how to put down the storyboard, so I’ll do it as a timeline the way I see it in my head:


I know it isn’t much now, but just imagine it… Oh man… That’s classic.

Edit: Or I could be a total idiot and waste my time misunderstanding the assignment and screwing everything up. There’s always that too.

I’ll have something new soon… Just going to have to be recycled footage now. Again…

Vox – v2.0

This was an incredibly exhausting project. I had another man before Doc lined up for an interview, but he dipped out at the last second, and I was stranded with nothing until the night of the 8th when Doc stepped up and agreed to an interview. I have to tell you, he was fantastic company for the evening. He made some porkolt for dinner, entertained me with a delightful interview, and we enjoyed watching a Marx Brothers film. While the majority of the interview focused on him, it was his suggestion to me at the end that created a truly enlightening dialogue.

Editing was a tremendous difficulty given that I was unable to upload all of my footage and recordings (I shot with my Canon Rebel T2i and my new 70D while recording audio with a borrowed laptop using Audacity and my Audio Technica AT2020USB studio microphone) to my hard drives without having to delete photos from my archive (broke my heart). I also had to upgrade Premiere from CS6 to CC to make my footage usable as my file formats were conflicting. That proved to delay my encoding when the first two I rendered were either inavlid formats for YouTube or didn’t contain any audio (no idea why). The final rendering and upload took too long to make last night’s deadline, but I did it regardless.

Throughout all of this production (doing it all by myself, even), I was incredibly stressed and felt like I couldn’t complete any of it by these deadlines because of work and troubles that had just emerged in my life. How I was able to get this all done last night at all was a pure miracle (on top of completing my Field Trip video just before this), but I’m glad I was able to apply my talent to do so. Without it and my experience, this project would’ve been impossible. Time, curriculum, and other elements were against me for this documentary, but here I am today, late but complete, and I’m personally proud of myself for pulling off what I thought was the costliest video I’ve produced yet.